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Chanakya India News – Rate Card

FY – 2016-17

A) Rich Media Ads (Homepage) Innovations * INR 150000 Daily
B) Standard Banner Ads INR 100 CPM
C) In Banner Video (R side) INR 100 CPM
D) Pre Roll Video Ads (Live TV) INR 200 CPM
E) Pre Roll Video Ads (VOD) INR 150 CPM
F) App Standard Banner INR 100 CPM
G) App Interstitial INR 200 CPM
H) Section SponsorShip * INR 150000 Daily
I) Widget SponsorShip (Live Scores, Weather, Stock Market) * INR 150000 Daily
  • *Special Days to be excluded
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • Rates are subject to revisions regularly basis changes in inventory


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