Ashok Malik (Editor in Chief)

He started it in the year 1986.

Chanakya India Hindi Daily News Paper is a Daily News Paper. Commits to share and discuss the Problems of Northeast region and its people. 

Mission :-
Chanakya India Hindi Daily News Paper is dedicated to promote the culture, people, beauty and also to celebrate the very best of North East India! 

In every issue you’ll find:
• Stories On Current Affairs
• Updated Political Activities
• Steps and Suggestions for the Development
• Profiiles of Chanakya India Hindi Daily News Paper India’s fascinating  people,cities
• Stunning scenic photography
• Ideas for day trips, weekend excursions, and longer getaways
• Mouthwatering recipes and culinary tips on Indian cooking
• A monthly calendar of events around the state
• Life Style and Health tips
From the peak of the snow covered mountains to the greenery of the tea gardens our team promises to showcase the development and beauty of the regions of North East India. Chanakya India Hindi Daily News Paper is North East India’s first statewide News Paper devoted to Current Affairs, Political News, Sports, Travel, History, People, Places etc. This News Paper is the perfect source of information for those who’ve lived here or connected somehow with the place and also for those looking to visit!

Saurabh Kumar Sharma (Managing Editor)

2010- 2017 I have worked with Chanakya India News as a Managing Editor producing the Chanakya India Hindi News Paper and current affairs programs that are on air at different times of the day. I was also working as a Producer, handling the weekly Science and development program. In 2015 I got a posting with the Chanakya India Varanasi Bureau and my main work here was newsgathering/ Selecting the News and going out in the field to do reports packages and other special programs.

2014-2015: Chanakya India News, New Delhi, India. I started as a M.E and was initially covering social life issues for the channel and later on graduated to do political stories and was working on the parliament beat. I was also instrumental in launching the morning slot of the Chanakya India News channel.
2009: Before working for any media I was doing some freelance work for the News and the Observer and the All India Radio and it was this experience that helped me getting a job with the Chanakya India News.


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